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What’s Happening

Updated June 14, 2019

Around the Farm

We’re finally getting through our Colorado spring storms, and summer is here! Lots to do, but we’re all happy to see the sun and no more snow.

Field To Front Door headquarters

The Farm

The cold, snowy, wet spring was great for the grass and hay production this year, but was hard on the tomatoes, peppers, and even slowed the lettuce down a bit. Most everything is looking great now. Here’s a quick list of what is growing now:

Arugula at its best
Beautiful red lettuce

The Herd

The cows are all over the place! On purpose. We are a network farm, meaning we work with our neighbors and local landowners to expand our grazing capacity and to better manage our pastures. If you, or anyone you know in our area owns land with grass and water and would love to see cows out there healing and improving their grass, let us know!

Spring calves are getting big, and everyone is enjoying the green grass.

Strategic Planning

As they say, you have to make hay while the sun is shining. That’s exactly what we’re doing.

If you have a small acreage (between 2-10 acres) it can be difficult to get someone to come out and mow; it’s too big for most landscaping companies, and to little for most hay farmers. It’s perfect for us and we’ll hay it for free! We only ask that you not spray any chemicals (herbicide, pesticide, or fertilizer) and we’ll get you on the schedule. Give us a call at 970-690-7722 or email to carlos@fieldtofrontdoor.com


We want you to come out and visit! Give Carlos a call at 970-690-7722 and we’ll schedule a time to have you come out, or take a tour when you pick up your order.

In the Community

We can’t do what we do by ourselves.

Father’s day weekend, we’ll be at the 2nd annual Denver BBQ Festival at Mile High Stadium! Come check out our booth, our special packages, and enjoy a reasonable amount of BBQ!

Farmer’s Market season is here! Check us out at the Berthoud Local Farmer’s Market starting June 22 at Fickel Park and at select Loveland Farmer’s markets.

In the Kitchen

Kitchens are where we want everything we do to end up! We are re-introducing folks to real food and that means getting in the kitchen and doing something with it. In this section we’ll share recipes (ours and yours), restaurant and markets using our products, and anything else culinary we can think of.

Carne Asada

Remember, carne asada literally means grilled meat over open flame. Therefore, you can use any cut for carne asada! The distinction in my family comes when you ask the question, “Can I easily put this in a corn tortilla, with salsa and shaved cabbage in lime, then eat it standing up with a cold beverage in the other hand?” The answer is usually “Yes, if I cut this steak into thin slices after it has been beautifully grilled by someone who loves me!” Carne asada is about grilling meat over a fire, not a specific cut. So get your asador (grill) going, and don’t forget the corn tortillas, salsa, and veggies with lime.

Remember, “Can I put this in a corn tortilla?”

Have a good recipe you want to share? Send it to Carlos at carlos@fieldtofrontdoor.com.