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Our Vision

Know Your Food

Our vision is to be known as a team of people that connects our community to healthy food, to farmers practicing ethical agriculture, and to each other.

When we take the time to know our food, we learn what it is. We become familiar with how it was produced, the person who grew it and about how that food makes other people feel. We’ve found there are many ways to grow food the “right way”. That’s why, as our business expands, we will partner with local family farms and build a network to connect people through food and agriculture. To us, that is community, and there’s no better place to build it than in your kitchen.

Our mission is to grow and source the highest quality food possible and make it accessible to our community.

We raise our animals humanely and ethically, and we grow our greens and veggies organically. We work to build our soils up and keep the water clean. These things need to happen to grow the highest quality food. There aren’t any shortcuts. We do our best to match the prices of your average grocery store. Our food is of exceptional quality and it is not exclusive.  We deliver directly to your door, because we strive to remove barriers between real food and all in our community.

Becoming a member helps connect our farmers, through your kitchen, to a community that knows its food.